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for all those missing memories

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drugs and photography
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Welcome! at 420mm you can post pictures of you and/or your friends smoking some joints, drinking beer, popping some pills or whatever else is listed in the interests. Also post pictures of your tools; joints, bongs, pipes, bottles and whatever you can think of, but let's try to make them half decent pictures - I want to be able to tell which end you smoke out of. Digital, film, polaroid, webcam, phone camera, and pretty much any sort of camera is accepted.
Note: You don't have to, but I'd suggest making your entries friends only when posting here - better safe than sorry.

01: Don't be a dick to other members. Constructive criticism is welcome of course, but we're here to share our pictures and experiences in a judge-free environment, not be mocked or bitched at. This community will not tolerate abuse or prejudice. Don't push my already short, short temper.
if there are any problems contact a moderator
02: This is a drug and photography community - every post must contain at least 1 photo with a drug in it.


03: You can promote a community as long as it's drug or photo related.
04: Do not use this community as a yellow pages for drug dealers, entries like that will be deleted. Trust me, I know it's tempting when you hear about someone smoking some great shit and they live like an hour from you, but we don't want this community to get suspended.
05: After 2 strikes you are banned.




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